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This became a module because I used it more than once.

It is really simple. All it does is parse a config file. Borrowing from postgresql, it refuses to do anything if the config file isn't chmod 0600. I don't even know what that means in the Windows or Mac world, so patches welcome. Essentially, if a file is not set such that only the owner can read and write it, then it isn't a good idea to store passwords in it.

So, if you have a config file of any sort, and it is set to be chmod 0600, then you can use this file.

What is does is check the permissions of the file, then it requires it and returns the results of the require statement.

According to the node.js docs, require will pull in either a javascript file, or a JSON file.


npm install config_okay


The older version you would do this:

var config_okay = require('config_okay')
var configfile = 'config.json' // or pull from the command line or something 
        throw new Error('node.js needs a good croak module')

Now that isn't true anymore because as of May 2017 I've switched to using promises.

So now the usage is

const config_okay = require('config_okay')
const configfile = 'config.json' // or pull from the command line or something 
.then(config => {
     return do_something(config)
.catch( e => {
     return handleError(e)

Look at the test file to see what I mean.