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Node utility intended to work with config files, but it could have other uses. It works with the first object expression it finds.


get(filePath, function(err, config, data) {})

gets the config as an object along with some other data

modify(filePath, function(err, config, save = function(config, callback)) {})

gets the config as an object along with an async save callback

getAsStream(filePath [, subObject])

returns the config as a write stream (streams2 supported). It will get the config, modify it and save it to filesystem once end() is called.

subObject is optional and indicates the subobject you will be writing to, defaults to the root, see below for example.


require("config-mancer").modify("scripts/rjs-config.js", function(err, config, save) {
  config.paths.jquery = "vendor/jquery.js";
  save(config, function(err) {
    // file saved 
var config = require("config-mancer").getAsStream("scripts/rjs-config.js", "paths")
config.write(["jquery", "vendor/jquery.js"]); // will write to paths.jquery 
config.on("fileWritten", function(err) {
  // file saved