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    Confabulous Vault Loader

    Confabulous-Vault-Loader is an Vault Loader for Confabulous - a hierarchical, asynchronous config loader and post processor.


    const confabulous = require('confabulous')
    const Confabulous = confabulous.Confabulous
    const vault = require('confabulous-vault-loader')
    const processors = confabulous.processors
    new Confabulous()
        .add((config) => vault({ url: 'http://localhost:8200', path: 'secret/live/demo', method: 'app-id', appId: 'svc-demo-api' , userId: 'demo-live' }))
        .on('loaded', (config) => console.log('Loaded', JSON.stringify(config, null, 2)))
        .on('reloaded', (config) => console.log('Reloaded', JSON.stringify(config, null, 2)))
        .on('error', (err) => console.error('Error', err))
        .on('reload_error', (err) => console.error('Reload Error', err))


    Option Type Default Notes
    url string URL of the vault server
    path string Path to the encrypted config
    method string Authentication method (currently only app-id is supported)
    appId string Application Id (required for authentication when using app-id method)
    userId string User Id (required for authentication when using app-id method)
    mandatory boolean true Causes an error/reload_error to be emitted if the configuration does not exist
    watch object Polls the vault server for changes. Requires an interval, e.g. { interval: '5m'}
    request object see here options that will be passed to the underlying http client.

    Testing Locally

    Setting up a vault environment is no easy task. The following might help...

    Start a vault server in development mode

    docker run -d -p 8200:8200 --hostname vault --name vault sjourdan/vault
    docker logs vault

    Make note of the Unseal Key and Root Token and configure exports

    export VAULT_ADDR=http://vault:8200

    Create an alias so you can execute vault commands from a container

    alias vaultcmd="docker run --volume $(pwd)/tests/vault:/tmp --link vault --rm -e VAULT_ADDR -e VAULT_TOKEN sjourdan/vault"

    Unseal the vault so you can read / write secrets

    vaultcmd unseal <INSERT_UNSEAL_KEY>

    Upload a policy

    vaultcmd policy-write demo-live /tmp/policies/live/demo.json

    Configure an app-id login

    vaultcmd auth-enable app-id
    vaultcmd write auth/app-id/map/app-id/svc-demo-api value=demo-live display_name=svc-demo-api
    vaultcmd write auth/app-id/map/user-id/demo-live value=svc-demo-api
    vaultcmd policy-write demo-live /tmp/policies/live/demo.json

    You should now be able to run tests. Hoorah!


    npm i confabulous-vault-loader

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