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Server Setup

Global Install

$ npm install -g concurix-server
$ concurix-server <port>

Local Install

$ npm install concurix-server
$ ./node_modules/concurix-server/bin/server.js <port>

Windows Requirements

  • The latest version of Node.js for Windows
  • A copy of Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
  • A copy of Python 2.7, installed in the default location of C:\Python27
  • Set your system environment variable GYP_MSVS_VERSION like so (assuming you have Visual Studio 2013 installed):
  • Restart your command prompt window to ensure required path variables are present.

There are some slight modifications to this that can work; for example other Visual Studio versions often work too. But it's tricky, so start with the basics!

Tracer Configuration

Install the concurix tracer module on whichever projects you want monitored and point it at your concurix server

$ npm install concurix
var tracer = require('concurix')({
  accountKey: "my_project", // Any unique string 
  api_host: 'localhost',        // Defaults to localhost 
  api_port: 8103                // Defaults to 8103 

Web Application

Once the initial data has been sent to your server from the tracer, you will be able to view that data from the dashboard by navigating your browser to http://localhost:8103/dash/my_project


Licensed under the Concurix Terms Of Service