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Comrades: A Revolutionary RPG Data

A NodeJS project to put all Comrades RPG's data into a JSON file and an npm module, using the framework provided by Vindexus's Dungeon World Data Project.

Raw vs Basic

The raw JSON file includes the unparsed handlebar helpers such as Take +1 forward to {{move 'take_a_risk'}}.
The basic JSON file has had those parsed through basic helpers, so it would become Take +1 forward to Take A Risk.

Getting the Module

npm install comrades-data

Example Code

var crpg = require('comrades-data')
console.log("Brute Description: " + crpg.basicData.playbooks.brute.description)

Compiled from Source

The JSON is compiled from the files and folders in the source folder using the npm module written by Vindexus called rpgparser-data.

Preview/Excerpt of Data

This is a preview of the structure; the actual data has more text.

  "playbooks": {
    "artist": {
      "name": "Artist",
      "description": "Whether actor, dancer, poet, sculptor, or painter, the Artist is at the bloody tip of the avant garde. Although committed to the cause, their art comes first, meaning some consider them a dilettante or even a fraud. It is up to you to decide if they're right or wrong.\n\nUse their moves to support your comrades and their medium to unleash the full power of their art on the world.",
      "names": "Choose one, or write your own. Something creative, classical, or refined. Aloise, Rosewater, Lili, Tawaraya, Mai-Thu, Vincent, Lisbeth, Georges.",
      "bonds": [
        "__________ supported my work from the beginning (Bond +3).",
        "__________ finds artists incredibly romantic (Bond +2).",
        "__________ hates my work (Bond -2).",
        "The others don't understand my art (Bond -1 for others)."
      "appearance": "Choose one, or write your own. Paint-encrusted smock, moth-eaten sweater, haute coutre, skintight black everything.",
      "personality": "Choose one, or write your own. Outrageous, sullen, provocative, romantic.",
      "starting_moves": [
          "medium": {
            "name": "Medium",
            "description": "*Type: Artist Move*\r\nChoose your medium. When taking a risk, add 1 to the roll if the situation calls for...\r\n\r\n - Theater: Deception\r\n - Dance: Dexterity\r\n - Poetry: Grace\r\n - Sculpture: Strength\r\n - Painting: Perception",
            "key": "medium"
      "playbook_moves": [
          "fight_song": {
            "name": "Fight Song",
            "description": "*Type: Artist Move*\r\nWhen you use your art to inspire a comrade in a dangerous situation, roll with bond. On a 10+, they pick two from this list and carry the bonuses until the danger is done. On a 7-9, they pick one.\r\n\r\n - They deal more harm\r\n - They take less harm\r\n - They gain speed",
            "key": "fight_song"
  "moves": {
    "adjust_bond": {
      "name": "Adjust Bond",
      "description": "*Type: Special Move*\r\nAt the **end of each session**, name a comrade to whom you feel closer and increase your bond by 1. If this raises your bond to +4, mark experience and reset your bond to +1. If there is no comrade to whom you feel closer, choose one from whom you feel alienated and reduce your bond by 1. If this brings your bond to -3, mark experience and reset your bond to 0.\r\n\r\nUse this time to reflect on the session, and to encourage players to praise each other for their good work during the game.",
      "key": "adjust_bond"


Clone this project to your computer and start adding files into the source folder to add content. You'll need to install and run the proper NodeJS files to get it to compile.

cd /path/to/where/you/want/to/work
npm install comrades-data
npm run watch

When you do npm run watch it will watch for any changes to source files and automatically update the two JSON files. Create a new pull request when you want to add the data you've added. To force a compile in case changes aren't getting through, use rs while watch is running.


npm i comrades-data

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