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Computes Dictation NPM

Performs massively parallel transcription of audio files using Watson Speech-to-Text and

Usage kernel would look something like this:

// Watson Speech to Text
var computes = require("computes");
var operation = "npm://computes-dictation@latest";
var options = {
  domain: "domain-key-provided-by-computesio",
  priority: "normal",  //'low', 'normal' & 'high'
  ttl: 60000,  // milliseconds
  delay: 0 //milliseconds
var job = computes.connect(options.domain);
job.on("ready", function (){
  var params = {
    audioUrl: "",
    contentType: "audio/wav; rate=48000",
    username: "watson-username",
    password: "watson-password"
  job.compute(operation, params, options);
job.on("result", function (results){
{ result: 'the house has a thatched roof ' }

Reference documentation