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Highly customizable Styl compiler plugin for Component

Component Stylus Plugin

Plugin for component/builder to enable the direct use of stylus with components.

var Builder  = require('component-builder'),
stylusPlugin = require('component-stylus-plugin');

var builder = new Builder('.');
builder.use(stylusPlugin);, res) {
  write('public/app.js', res.require + res.js);
  write('public/app.css', res.css);

Component Stylus Plugin is highly customizable and exhibits a lot of the options that stylus itself has.

Minfies the output of the stylus files that are being compiled

stylusPlugin.compress = false

Adds line numbers as comments to the CSS being output. Very helpful for debugging.

stylusPlugin.linenos = true

Adds support for Firebug's Stylus plugin for Firefox

stylusPlugin.firebug = false

Allows you to import stylus files into your stylus files before compiling. Useful for custom mixins or global variable definitions. You must provide a full path to the files.

stylusPlugin.imports = [__dirname + '/../globals/variableDefinitions.styl',
                        __dirname + '/../globals/customMixins.styl']

Allow @import statements to load up regular CSS.

stylusPlugin.includeCSS = false

Add additional paths to be searched for @import statements

stylusPlugin.paths = [__dirname + '/../junkDrawer',
                      __dirname + '/../someOtherPlace']

Load up any additional plugins that you want to use.

var nib = require('nib')();