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Node.js based git-release for use with component and npm


$ npm install component-release -g


$ component-release 0.0.0


  • Forces versions to be of the form /^(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)$/ and won't let you publish with a version number that isn't of that form.
  • Won't let you publish with a version that doesn't match the version in package.json and component.json if those files are present.
  • Will automatically update the other of those files if you have updated one of them.
  • Will update both for you if you say yes when it asks you.
  • Will never 'update' to an older version
  • Won't let you publish an older version if a newer one exists (and is tagged)
  • won't let you publish if component.json or package.json exists but is not valid json.

Provided you meet the requirements it will:

  • git commit -a -m "Release 0.0.0"
  • git tag 0.0.0 -a -m "0.0.0"
  • git push
  • git push --tags
  • if a package.json is present and not marked private: npm publish