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    Demonstration component 'Welcome' with locales

    This is exampe library with support of internationalization according to component approach

    This library exports a demonstration component 'Welcome' which uses react-intl internationalization library. The component displays a simple form and displays a localized sentence in the selected language. The sentence is reactively changing in response to a change of the data in the form.

    This demonstration component currently support en, de, ru, zh locales.

    The localization data is in directory ./locales in yaml format according to component approach

    To integrate localization data to application locale assets configure the webpack internationalization plugin intl-webpack-plugin like this:

      var IntlPlugin = require("intl-webpack-plugin");
      module: {
        rules: [
          { test: /\.(intl)$/i,
            use: [
      plugins: [
        new IntlPlugin({})

    And require internationalization entry point module somewhere in application:

    import {} from 'component-intl-welcome/locales'

    Now import component and put it on the page like this:

    import React from 'react'
    import Welcome from 'component-intl-welcome'
    import {} from 'component-intl-welcome/locales'
    const App = (props) => (
        <h2>The "Welcome" component</h2>

    To see example how to integrate this library component with locales into application and how it works see

    or its source code:


    npm i component-intl-welcome

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