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Create, Build, Test, Serve and Release. Quickly


npm install -g component-helper

Quick Start

Creating A New Component

To create a new project with a build process, tdd and continuous deployment already set-up

  1. Run component new *component-name* (which will create your component directory)
  2. follow on-screen instructions.
  3. Run npm start within your new directory

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Enhancing An Existing Project

Get the CLI (build, test, release etc) working within an existing project

  1. Copy the component.config.js into your project root
  2. Remove and Update the the config for your needs
  3. Update the paths object to match your directory structure

Use Cases


The component helper can be run from the command line or directly from within NodeJS files (i.e. a gulpfile). The tasks are almost exactly the same.

Once required (var component = require('component-helper');), you can call the following:

CLI Node
component new component-name unavailable
component build
(optional: replacements object)
component build scripts
component build styles
component build html
(optional: replacements object)
component build server-config-files
component serve
(optional: server config)
component serve path/to/serve component.serve.adhoc(path)
(mandatory: path/to/serve)
component test
component test tdd component.test.tdd()
component init bower component.init.bower()
component init git component.init.git(repository)
(mandatory: Git URL)
component bump Semantic Version
(optional: major, minor, patch, prerelease or semantic version)
component release Semantic Version
(optional: major, minor, patch, prerelease or semantic version)
component release gh-pages component.release.ghPages(message)
(optional: commit message)
component release s3 component.release.s3(version)
(optional: semantic version)

The CLI and Node will use the config set within component.config.js in your project root.

Contributing to the Helper

This project depends on collaboration between developers. Contributions of any size are actively encouraged.

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npm i component-helper

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