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component-generate Build Status

Create a file based on a template and add it to component.json.


npm install -g component-generate


$ component generate foo.js

It creates the file foo.js based on the JavaScript default template. It also add the reference to the component.json file.

  "scripts": [



-t or --template
You can specify the template you want to use. The templates list is available here.

$ component generate index.js -t templateName

If you want to add a new template, you can add it in template/[extension]/[templateName].tpl and make a PR. Templates are rendered using underscore.
In a future version, we will be able to use local templates. We need to find the simplest way to do it (see issue).


-p or --params
Parameters that will be used by the template.

$ component generate index.js -t exports -p name:HomePage

Will render

'use strict';
module.exports = HomePage;
function HomePage() {


Released under the MIT license