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xiNET interaction viewer

v1.0 of the interaction viewer is deployed in EBI's Complex Portal, e.g.

We are working towards a general purpose web component for visualising interactions between biomolecules. The aim is to represent the data present in the PSI-MI standards.

Join us!

Input data

The 'MI-JSON' data format consumed by the interaction-viewer is generated by the JAMI framework. See:

JAMI is capable of converting between various MI data formats, it can convert the PSI-MI XML standard into the MI-JSON format.

JAMI was originally developed by Marine Dumousseau, who also largely determined the structure of the MI-JSON format the viewer reads.

Build Process

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. $ cd /interaction-viewer
  3. $ npm install
  4. $ npm start

This starts a grunt task to watch the /src folder for changes. When a file changes (is saved), grunt will browserify the folder and save the compiled version in /build.

To build the minified version in /build, run:

  1. $ grunt package