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Completion library for CLI commands

This was built as part of foundry, a CLI utility for making releases painless.

$ git chec|
$ git checkout |

$ git checkout dev/|
dev/ dev/goodbye.moon

$ git chec|dev/
$ git checkout |dev/

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install completion

var Completion = require('completion');
var completion = new Completion({
  name: 'git',
  commands: [{
    name: 'checkout',
    completion: function (info, cb) {
      // For `git checkout dev/|`
      // info.words.value = ['git', 'checkout', 'dev/']
      // info.word.partialLeft = 'dev/'
      var that = this;
      getGitBranches(function (err, allBranches) {
        if (err) {
          return cb(err);

        // Match 'dev/' === 'dev/' (from 'dev/hello')
        var partialLeftWord = info.word.partialLeft;
        var branches = that.matchLeftWord(partialLeftWord, allBranches);
        cb(null, branches);
  // `git chec|`
  line: 'git chec',
  cursor: 8
}, function (err, results) {
  results; // ['checkout']

How it works

In bash, tab completion will override the the left half of the current word.

As a result, for cases like:

$ git chec|
$ git checkout| # requires ['checkout'] to be returned

Unfortunately, while we can deal with commands, we cannot predict the values of those.

You will still be responsible for handling of right partials in the autocompleted items.

$ git checkout a|c
  'abc', # `git checkout abc` - Checkout `abc` branch
  'aaa' # `git checkout aaa c` - Chekckout `c` file from `aaa` branch


completion exposes the Completion constructor via its module.exports

new Completion(tree)

Create a new completion instance

  • tree Object - Outline of a program/command
    • name String - Command that is being executed (e.g. git, checkout)
    • options Object[] - Optional array of objects that represent options
      • name String - Name of option (e.g. --help)
      • completion Function - Optional function to complete the remainder of the invocation
    • commands Object[] - Optional array of new tree instances to complete against
      • This cannot exist on the same node as completion as they are contradictory
    • completion Function - Optional completion function to determine results for a command

completion.complete(params, cb)

Get potential completion matches for given parameters

  • params Object - Information similar to that passed in by bash's tab completion
    • line String - Input to complete against (similar to COMP_LINE)
    • cursor Number - Index within line of the cursor (similar to COMP_POINT)
  • cb Function - Error-first callback function that receives matches
    • cb should have a signature of function (err, results)

command/option completion functions

options and commands share a common completion function signature, function (info, cb)

Each completion function will be executed with the command node as its this context

  • info Object - Information about original input
    • Content will be information from twolfson/line-info
    • We provide 2 additional properties
      • words.matchedLeft String[] - Words matched from words.partialLeft while walking the tree
      • words.remainingLeft String[] - Unmatched words that need to be/can be matched against
  • cb Function - Error-first callback function to return matches via
    • cb has a signature of function (err, results)

For options, it is often preferred to remove more words that are matched (e.g. -m <msg>). For this, we suggest using the shiftLeftWord method.

For completing partial matches, we provide the matchLeftWord method.

To create non-terminal options, we can use the method resolveInfo to keep on searching against the remainingLeft words.


Helper function to shift word from info.words.remainingLeft to info.words.matchedLeft

  • info Object - Information passed into completion functon
var info = {words: {remainingLeft: ['hello', 'world'], matchedLeft: []}};
info = this.shiftLeftWord(info);
info; // {words: {remainingLeft: ['world'], matchedLeft: ['hello']}}

completion.matchLeftWord(leftWord, words)

Helper function to find words from words that start with leftWord

  • leftWord String - Word to match left content of
    • leftWord gets its name from usually coming from words.partialLeft
  • words String[] - Array of words to filter against


  • matchedWords String[] - Matching words from words that start with leftWord
this.matchLeftWord('hello', ['hello-world', 'hello-there', 'goodbye-moon']);
// ['hello-world', 'hello-there'];

completion.resolveInfo(info, cb)

Recursively find matches against the Completion's tree with a given info

  • info Object - CLI information provided by twolfson/line-info
  • cb Function - Error first callback function that receives matches
    • cb should be the same as in completion.complete


An example of git would be

var gitCompletion = new Completion({
  name: 'git',
  options: [{
    // `git --help`, a terminal option
    name: '--help'
  commands: [{
    // `git checkout master`
    name: 'checkout',
    option: [{
      // `git checkout -b dev/hello`
      name: '-b',
      completion: function (info, cb) {
        // `-b` was matched by `completion` so keep on recursing
        return this.resolveInfo(info, cb);
    completion: function getGitBranches (info, cb) {
      // Get git branches and find matches
  }, {
    name: 'remote',
    commands: [{
      // `git remote add origin`
      // No possible completion here
      name: 'add'
    }, {
      // `git remote rm origin`
      name: 'rm',
      completion: function getGitBranches (info, cb) {
        // Get git branches and find matches

  // `git remo|add`
  line: 'git remoadd',
  cursor: 8
}, function (err, results) {
  results; // ['remote']

  // `git remote |`
  line: 'git remote ',
  cursor: 11
}, function (err, results) {
  results; // ['add', 'remove']


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint via grunt and test via npm test.


Support this project and others by twolfson via gittip.

Support via Gittip


As of Dec 15 2013, Todd Wolfson has released this repository and its contents to the public domain.

It has been released under the UNLICENSE.

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