Generic Express.js/Connect middleware handling runtime compilization tasks


Generic Express.js/Connect middleware handling runtime compilization tasks.

  • Compile source file on requested

  • Cache the compiled data for next request

  • Watch for source file changes

    Once the source file is changed, cache is invalidated.

var compile = require('compile-middleware');
var midware = {
  less: compile({
    filename  : function (req) {            // Source filename resolve 
                  // Function obtaining filename  
    src       : '/path/to/source',          // Path to source file 
    render    : function (source_pathcb) {
                  // Function render file  
  jade: compile({
    filename  : /(?:\/runtime\/)(.*).js/gi, // Capture group 1 will be used 
    src_ext   : '.jade',                    // Optional, Default '' 
    src       : '/path/to/source',
    render    : function (source_pathcb) {
                  // Function rendering file 
    headers   : {                           // Optional, HTTP Headers 
                  'Cache-Control': 'public, max-age=86400',
                  'Content-Type': 'text/javascript' 

Either a function or Regular Expression is accepted as filename parameter. When using RegEx, the first capture group will be used as the name of source file. A suffix to filename can be defined by src_ext.

TODO Put some projects providing solution to compilers

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