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This package has been deprecated

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Package renamed to @mapbox/osm-compare


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DEPRECATED! Go to @mapbox/osm-compare

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Compare functions are small atomic functions that are designed identify what changed during a feature edit on OpenStreetMap. Compare functions can be broadly split up into two categories:

  1. Property (tags) checking compare function
  2. Geometry checking compare functions

Compare functions take as inputs the following:

  1. oldVersion - GeoJSON of the feature's old version
  2. newVersion - GeoJSON of the feature's new version
  3. callback - A function to call after processing.

Compare functions output the following:

  1. error - Error if any during processing or null.
  2. result - Object containing key value pairs representing findings of the compare function or an empty object.
# Format of compare function result where value can be primary data types or objects 
    'result:comparator_name': value
# Format of compare function if no result, (default) 
    'result:comparator_name': {}

How do I create a new compare function?

  • Clone this repository with git clone https://github.com/mapbox/osm-compare
  • cd osm-compare
  • npm install
  • Check if all tests pass before making your changes with npm test
  • Create a new test fixture in the directory tests/fixtures/
  • Create a new compare function in the directory comparators/ (check comparators/example.js for format)
  • Test your new compare function with npm test
  • Add your new comparator to index.js
  • Along with a brief description of the comparator, add it to comparators/README.md
  • Push to a new branch on Github and create a Pull Request

How do I test a single compare function against a new fixture?

  • cd compare-geojson/tests/
  • Create new fixture file in tests/fixtures/ folder (check tests/fixtures/example.json for format)
  • Test your fixture with node tests/test_compare_function.js tests/fixtures/example.json

How do I build an npm package?

DEPRECATED! Go to @mapbox/osm-compare




npm i compare-geojson

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