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    Communitweet creates a central Twitter account for your community by automatically retweeting community members.

    Communitweet retweets tweets that appear in your timeline that contain hash tags that you specify. Communitweet also retweets mentions of the community account that are not direct replies. As your twitter account follows new members of your community, they become eligible for retweets automatically.

    Communitweet uses the Twitter Streaming API, which means the retweets should happen almost immediately.


    1. Install Node.js
    2. Run npm install -g communitweet
    3. Create a Twitter app to get the required API keys for the bot to work. Give the app "Read and Write" permissions. This requires that your Twitter account has a verified phone number.
    4. Create a configuration file, and name it something like "config.json". The configuration file format is below.
    5. Run communitweet config.json

    Multi-account Setup

    Twitter requires that you have a phone number for each account, and prohibits you from using the same phone number for multiple accounts. In order to set up Communitweet on mutliple accounts with a single phone number you must perform some additional steps:

    1. Set up Communitweet under your main account per the above instructions.
    2. Copy your config.json to secondary.json
    3. Run communitweet-setup secondary.json
    4. Open the URL it gives you, and log in with your secondary account
    5. Copy & paste the PIN into the Communitweet pin prompt.
    6. Run communitweet config.json


    The configuration is stored in a JSON file that looks like:

        "keys": {
            "consumer_key": "...",
            "consumer_secret": "...",
            "access_token": "...",
            "access_token_secret": "..."
        "hashtags": [

    The hashtag list is case-insensitive.


    npm i communitweet

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