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A Node.js client for the index


commoncrawl is available on npm and as such, can be installed through npm with ease.

To install commoncrawl and add it to your package.json file, use the following command:

$ npm install --save commoncrawl

This node Library can be used to get information about a range of archive captures/mementos, including filtering, sorting, and pagination for bulk query. The actual archive files (WARC/ARC) files are not loaded during this query, only the generated CDX index.


In order to use commoncrawl you will need to 1st install it and add to your project, use this command :

$ npm install --save commoncrawl

Once installed you need to instantiate a new copy of commoncrawl in your application, like so:

const commoncrawl = require('commoncrawl')

Method - getIndex - to will return a list indexes from CommonCrawl index in Json.

commoncrawl.getIndex().then((data) => {

Method - searchURL - to search and return list of matches for the given URL :

    .then((data) => {

You will get back a JSON Array response similar to the below.

  "urlkey": "com,example)/your/path.html",
  "timestamp": "20190719170504",
  "url": "",
  "mime": "text/html",
  "filename": "crawl-data/CC-MAIN-2019-30/segments/1563195526324.57/crawldiagnostics/CC-MAIN-20190719161034-20190719183034-00145.warc.gz",
  "length": "1177",
  "offset": "24936937",
  "mime-detected": "text/html",
  "status": "404"

*Note: By default it uses the latest index to fetch data. You can override this in options parameter.

You can override default behavior of search in by adding options parameter to searchURL call.

Optional Settings.


By default it will use the latest Index - CC-MAIN-2019-30-index

You can manually change the index by overriding index parameter.

A Json Array of indexes can be fetched with getIndex() method.

from / to

Setting from=<ts> or to=<ts> will restrict the results to the given date/time range (inclusive).

Timestamps may be <=14 digits and will be padded to either lower or upper bound.

For example, from : 2019, to : 2019 will return results of that have a timestamp between 20190101000000 and 20191231235959

Available from pywb 0.10.9


The CommonCrawl server supports the following matchType

  • exact -- default setting, will return captures that match the url exactly

  • prefix -- return captures that begin with a specified path, eg:*

  • host -- return captures which for a begin host (the path segment is ignored if specified)

  • domain -- return captures for the current host and all subdomains, eg. *


Setting limit: will limit the number of index lines returned. Limit must be set to a positive integer. If no limit is provided, all the matching lines are returned, which may be slow.

output (Default JSON output)

While CommonCrawl returns a text output of Json items separated by newline, the library will convert into a well-formmated json Array.


page is the current page number, and defaults to 0 if omitted. If the page exceeds the number of available pages from the page count query, a 400 error will be returned.


pageSize is an optional parameter which can increase or decrease the amount of data returned in each page. The default setting can be configuration dependent.


This will only show the count of total matches found, blocks, pages and PageSize.

{"blocks": 423, "pages": 85, "pageSize": 5}

In this result:

  • pages is the total number of pages available for this query. The page parameter may be between 0 and pages - 1

  • pageSize is the total number of ZipNum compressed blocks that are read for each page.

  • blocks is the actual number of compressed blocks that match the query. This can be used to quickly estimate the total number of captures, within a margin of error. In general, blocks / pageSize + 1 = pages (since there is always at least 1 page even if blocks < pageSize)

If changing pageSize, the same value should be used for both the showNumPages query and the regular paged query. ex:

Example with Options

const commoncrawl = require('commoncrawl')
let options = {
    index: 'CC-MAIN-2019-30-index',
    from: '2018',
    to: '2019',
    matchType: 'domain', // exact, prefix, host , domain,
    limit: 100,
    page: 1,
    pageSize: 100,
    showNumPages: false,
    .then((data) => {

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