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    Common Schema for Catalog Data

    This is a json schema declaration for a fully relational data structure designed for catalog data


    • Full taxonomy of all base items
    • Information about base items
    • Group abstract concepts for richer information on base items
    • Provide sufficient relational information for:
      • Identifying missing attributes in order to derive to a base item
      • Transforming one base item to another base item by applying operations on its components or addOns
      • Finding minimal operations to transform one base item to another base item

    Core Concepts

    Classification: A classfication is the type of a base item.
    A classification object can have a parent property that points to another classification object. For Example: a classification path for the Tesla car would be [Tesla] => [Sedan] => [Model 3].

    ItemDefinition: A ItemDefinition is the base item. A base item is usually an item in a catalog that has a specific sku. For Example: a base item for a Tesla car would be a "Tesla Model 3 P100D"

    Concept: A Concept is an abstract grouping of discrete values or collection of base items. Concepts are used within the ItemDefinitions to augment the base item's choices or addOns, and to provide logical relational mapping of same concepts to different base items.

    To See the docs:

    1. clone the repo
    2. npm install
    3. pip install json-schema-for-humans (Yes, it's a python package 😬, because I can't find a good nodejs tool for generating docs from JSON Schemas)
    4. npm start

    To generate the docs separatly use generate-schema-doc ./json-schema/ docs/spec

    1. Follow the URL in the output to see the docs.




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