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Assets.js - Flexible NodeJS assets manager

var assets = require('./lib/assets');

// creating new handler instance var handler = assets.Handler();

// where to search for source files handler.src = 'app/assets/scripts/*'; // where to save converted files handler.dest = 'public/assets'; // if we would like to add a uniq timestamp to each file handler.versionize = true; // if we would like to also create a gzip version of files handler.gzip = true; // local assets variables handler.locals = {}; // paths where asset file can search for extensions (e.g. @import) handler.paths = ['app/assets', 'bower_components', 'node_modules'];

// attaching asset content compiler handler.compiler('coffee', assets.CoffeeCompiler); // attaching asset content minimizer handler.processor('js', assets.JavascriptMinifier);

// when we would like to clean destination directory handler.clean(); // building assets based on configuration above; // to automatically rebuild assets when source files change;

// return asset file destination path console.log( handler.path('scripts/main', 'js'));