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Commit Types - Peakfijn

All commit types used by Peakfijn conventions. It's mostly based on commitizen's commit types but includes a release type. This release type is used to calculate the next semantic version number by commits.


The types, listed below, are allowed and defined with a distinctive meaning. The order of the types is intentional; you can use this as a top-to-down-guide.

type release summary
feature minor Creating a feature in business logic
fix patch Fixing an issue in business logic
test patch Modifying a test in business logic
performance patch Improving the performance of business logic
documentation patch Adding new or modifying existing documentation anywhere
pipeline - Changing behavior within the automated environment
style - Updating code without changing the meaning of it
refactor patch Updating code and changing the meaning of it
release - Modifying all files required to define a new release version
chore patch Anything that does not belong to a previous type


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


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