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This is not another command option parser. It's the opposite. A command option builder for the use with exec. It will use shell-quote by substack to escape the options.


    var Commandliner = require('commandliner');
    var exec = require('child_process').exec;
    var say = new Commandliner('say', {interactive: true}, 'Hello, there!');
    say.options.voice = 'Zarvox';
    // Evaluates to: say --interactive -v Zarvox 'Hello, there!' 
    exec(say); // implicit call to toString() 

You can also just build the String directly like this.

    var command =['git', 'commit', {m: 'Adds this new feature everyone loves'}]);
    // Evaluates to: git commit -m 'Add this new feature everyone loves' 
    var command =['docker', 'run', 'something', '.']);
    // Evaluates to: docker run something . 

Attributes of new Commandliner()

Attribute Example Example value
program git 'git'
command add 'add'
options -v -n {'v': true, 'n': true}
args index.js test.js ['index.js', 'test.js']

Be aware of this since you could be thinking that "command" is the first argument, but I decided to call it program.