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    The Comfiest Way to Use a Database

    ComfyDB is a SUPER EASY AND INTUITIVE interface to a database (Currently supports MongoDB) so you don't have to keep looking up the documentation.

    ComfyDB abstracts away the specific syntax for working with databases so that it's intuitive and easy to use for common scenarios while benefitting from search, performance, redudancy of a full-fledged database.

    It also takes care of mundane tasks like setting and maintaining createdAt and updatedAt fields for each object entry.

    await ComfyDB.Store( "user1", { username: "Instafluff", profile: "Comfiest Coder and Mug Chef!", cakes: 0 } );
    await ComfyDB.Get( "user1" );
    await ComfyDB.Search( { sortBy: "createdAt", sort: "desc", limit: 5, start: 10, where: { author: { beginsWith: "instaf" } } }, "blog-posts" );
    await ComfyDB.Count( { where: { text: { contains: "lasagna" } } }, "blog-posts" );
    await ComfyDB.Increment( "cakes", { by: 2, where: { username: { equals: "instafluff" } } } );
    await ComfyDB.Decrement( "hitpoints", { by: 30, where: { party: { equals: "A" } } }, "game-stats" );
    await ComfyDB.Delete( "item_42" );
    await ComfyDB.DeleteAll( { where: { isEnemy: { is: true }, hitpoints: { "<": 0 } } }, "game-stats" );


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    Come and hang out with us at the Comfiest Corner on Twitch!

    ComfyDB Requirements

    ComfyDB requires a MongoDB instance to connect to.

    Here are three ways for you to setup an instance of MongoDB:

    1. Run a self-contained instance running on NodeJS via ComfyMongoDB (Recommended for developers)
    2. Install MongoDB Community Edition as a service on your computer (Recommended for beginners)
    3. Use a cloud-hosted MongoDB instance with MongoDB Atlas (Recommended for companies and production)


    1. Install comfydb
    npm install comfydb --save
    1. Connect to a MongoDB database and store, retrieve, search data
    const ComfyDB = require( "comfydb" );
    // Wrap in async for back-compat in case top-level async/await is not supported
    (async () => {
        try {
            await ComfyDB.Connect( { url: "mongodb://localhost:27017", dbname: "ComfyDB" } );
            // Sample users
            await ComfyDB.Store( "user1", { username: "Instafluff", website: "", profile: "Comfiest Coder and Mug Chef!" } );
            await ComfyDB.Store( "user2", { username: "Fluffington", profile: "Fluffy, Yellow, Hamsterbear." } );
            await ComfyDB.Store( "user3", { username: "Teapup", profile: "Semi-licensed rainbow skittle tricycle pupper. I'm the greatest!" } );
            // Get user3
            let user3 = await ComfyDB.Get( "user3" );
            console.log( user3 );
            // Get all users with "fluff" in the username
            let fluffUsers = await ComfyDB.Search( { sortBy: "username", sort: "asc", where: { username: { contains: "fluff" } } } );
         console.table( fluffUsers );
        catch( err ) {
            console.error( err );


    // --- Configuration ---
    // Connect to a database on MongoDB
    await ComfyDB.Connect( options = { url: "mongodb://localhost:27017", dbname: "comfyDB" } );
    // Check if we are connected to a database
    // Close connection to the database
    // --- Data ---
    // Insert/Update JSON object entry by key (e.g. userID, username, timestamp, ... )
    await ComfyDB.Store( key, data, collection = "ComfyDefault" ); // ComfyDB.Save() also works
    // Retrieve object entry by key
    await ComfyDB.Get( key, collection = "ComfyDefault" );
    // Retrieve array of object entries based on search options
    await ComfyDB.Search( options = { sortBy: "createdAt", sort: "asc", limit: 100, start: 0, where: null, key: null }, collection = "ComfyDefault" );
    // Delete object entry by key
    await ComfyDB.Delete( key );
    // Delete object entries based on search options
    await ComfyDB.DeleteAll( options = { where: null, key: null }, collection = "ComfyDefault" );
    // Increment a field in object entries matching search options
    await ComfyDB.Increment( field, options = { where: null, key: null }, collection = "ComfyDefault" );
    // Decrement a field in object entries matching search options
    await ComfyDB.Decrement( field, options = { where: null, key: null }, collection = "ComfyDefault" );
    // Count the number of object entries matching search options
    await ComfyDB.Count( options = { where: null, key: null }, collection = "ComfyDefault" );
    // --- Collections ---
    // Get a full list of collections
    await ComfyDB.Collections();
    // Check if a collection exists
    await ComfyDB.HasCollection( collection );
    // Delete a collection
    await ComfyDB.DeleteCollection( collection );

    How to Use Search Options

    Defining the search conditions for ComfyDB functions is done by setting up a configuration object.

    Search Options Fields

    • sortBy (orderBy) (Only in ComfyDB.Search)
      • The name of the stored data object entry's field to use for the sort. Defaults to createdAt.
    • sort (Only in ComfyDB.Search)
      • asc or desc for ascending or descending sort based on the sortBy field. Defaults to asc.
    • limit (count) (Only in ComfyDB.Search)
      • Maximum number of results, used for pagination. Defaults to 100.
    • start (Only in ComfyDB.Search)
      • Starting index for the results, used for pagination. Defaults to 0.
    • by (Only in ComfyDB.Increment and ComfyDB.Decrement)
      • Amount to increment or decrement the field's value by for all matching data object entries. Defaults to 1.
    • where
      • Refines the search based on values inside the stored data object entries. Defaults to null.

    Where Object

    The inner where object helps fine-tune the search based on aspects of the stored data object entries.

    All keys inside this object adds to the search conditions (e.g. username) using a search operator (e.g. equals). Keys are case-sensitive. Operators are not case-sensitive.


    • equals (eq, equal, equals, is, isEqual, isequalto, =)
    • not (ne, notequals, notequal, doesntequal, isnot, isnt, isnotequal, isnotequalto, !, !=, <>)
    • before (lessthan, lt, <)
    • after (after, greaterthan, gt, >)
    • contains (includes)
    • startsWith (starts, begins, beginswith, prefix)
    • endsWith (ends, suffix)

    Search Option Examples

    // Retrieving the most recent 5 entries where the score is higher than 50 points
    let scores = await ComfyDB.Search( { sortBy: "updatedAt", sort: "desc", limit: 5, start: 0, where: { score: { ">": 50 } } } );
    // Decrementing hitpoints for all of party A's members in the Game-Stats collection
    await ComfyDB.Decrement( "hitpoints", { by: 30, where: { party: { equals: "A" } } }, "game-stats" );
    // Deleting all enemies with HP < 0 in the Game-Stats collection
    await ComfyDB.DeleteAll( { where: { isEnemy: { is: true }, hitpoints: { "<": 0 } } }, "game-stats" );


    Thank you too all the participants of this project!

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