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Combo JS & CSS

This app is designed to work with express. Either on it's own or as a dependency that can be passed a express instance.

If run as a stand alone service you can configure the app via config.json.

If running as a dependency you can pass in similar params as an object. Like this:

var express = require("express); combo = require("combo-js-css"); app = express();

combo.bindComboService(app, { /* These can be configured per request with qquery params */ "dev": false, "cacheTimeOut": 5, "compressJS": true, "compressCSS": true,

/* These are set once configs that define the routing */

*  For every path recieved on either the js or css combo the service
*  will look in the these paths for a match before giving up.
*  This is the most crucial configuration.