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    A Unity tool to generate signed distance field volumes (as Texture3D assets) from meshes.


    How To Install

    The sdf-generator package uses the scoped registry feature to import dependent packages. Please add the following sections to the package manifest file (Packages/manifest.json).

    To the scopedRegistries section:

      "name": "DSS",
      "url": "",
      "scopes": [ "com.dss" ]

    To the dependencies section:

    "com.dss.sdf-generator": "1.0.1"

    After changes, the manifest file should look like below:

      "scopedRegistries": [
          "name": "DSS",
          "url": "",
          "scopes": [ "com.dss" ]
      "dependencies": {
        "com.dss.sdf-generator": "1.0.1",

    To Use

    In Editor

    1. Select SDF > Generator from the Unity menu bar, the tool window will pop up.
    2. Set the relevant options (described in the next section).
    3. Press Create and a save dialog will pop up.
    4. Choose a location and name to save your SDF to.

    Through a Script

    // create a new generator instance
    DSS.SDF.Generator generator = new DSS.SDF.Generator();
    // set the relevant options (described in the next section)
    generator.Mesh = someMeshInstance;
    generator.Resolution = 32;
    // ...etc...
    // generate the Texture3D
    // note: this can take a long time, so definitely don't do it each frame
    // and probably only do it once when the application first starts
    Texture3D sdf = generator.Generate();


    Mesh: the mesh you want to generate an SDF from.

    Resolution: the resulting Texture3D resolution (I recommend that you keep this below 64).

    Submesh Index: for multi-part meshes, the index of the sub-mesh you want to use.

    Padding: the padding to surround your mesh within the SDF (only set this to be non-zero if you see artifacts).


    npm i com.dss.sdf-generator

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