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  • A fork to keep and maintain the colors.js project as it seems original colors.js maintainer @Marak (Marak Squires), has decided to move on from node.js ecosystem.

Build Status

colors.js - get color and style in your node.js console ( and browser ) like what


npm install colors

colors and styles!

  • bold
  • italic
  • underline
  • inverse
  • yellow
  • cyan
  • white
  • magenta
  • green
  • red
  • grey
  • blue
  • rainbow
  • zebra
  • random


var colors = require('./colors');
console.log('hello'.green); // outputs green text 
console.log('i like cake and pies' // outputs red underlined text 
console.log('inverse the color'.inverse); // inverses the color 
console.log('OMG Rainbows!'.rainbow); // rainbow (ignores spaces) 

Creating Custom themes

var colors = require('colors');
  silly: 'rainbow',
  input: 'grey',
  verbose: 'cyan',
  prompt: 'grey',
  info: 'green',
  data: 'grey',
  help: 'cyan',
  warn: 'yellow',
  debug: 'blue',
  error: 'red'
// outputs red text 
console.log("this is an error".error);
// outputs yellow text 
console.log("this is a warning".warn);


Marak (Marak Squires) ded (Dustin Diaz) JustinCampbell (Justin Campbell) Alexis Sellier (cloudhead) mmalecki (Maciej Małecki) nicoreed (Nico Reed) morganrallen (Morgan Allen)