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Colors convert

A simple colors library

Using colors-convert you can:

  • read colors in different formats
  • analyze and manipulate colors
  • convert colors into different formats
  • give a name to a color
  • mix colors
  • create random colors.

How to use

yarn add colors-convert


npm install --save colors-convert

API overview

Go here to take a look at the complete API.

Color formats

Different color formats are supported: hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla and cmyk.


A valid hex color can be:

  • #rrggbb[aa](6/8-digit, long form)
  • #rgb[a] (3/4-digit, short form) with r, g, b, a in [0-9a-fA-F].


A valid rgb color is an object like this {r, g, b} with r, b, g numeric values in [0, 255].


A valid rgba color is an object like this {r, g, b, a} with r, g, b numeric values in [0, 255] and a in [0, 1].


A valid hsl color is an object like this {h, s, l} with:

  • h (hue): [0-359]°
  • s (saturation): [0-100]%
  • l (lightness): [0-100]%.


A valid hsl color is an object like this {h, s, l} with:

  • h (hue): [0-359]°
  • s (saturation): [0-100]%
  • l (lightness): [0-100]%
  • a (alpha): [0-1].


A valid cmyk color is an object like this {c, m, y, k} with c, m, y, k numeric values in [0, 100].


You can convert a color in any format to any other supported format.

from \ to Hex Rgb Rgba Hsl Hsla Cmyk
Hex \ hexToRgb hexToRgba hexToHsl hexToHsla hexToCmyk
Rgb rgbToHex \ rgbToRgba rgbToHsl rgbToHsla rgbToCmyk
Rgba rgbaToHex rgbaToRgb \ rgbaToHsl rgbaToHsla rgbaToCmyk
Hsl hslToHex hslToRgb hslToRgba \ hslToHsla hslToCmyk
Hsla hslaToHex hslaToRgb hslaToRgba hslaToHsl \ hslaToCmyk
Cmyk cmykToHex cmykToRgb cmykToRgba cmykToHsl cmykToHsla \
Color colorToHex colorToRgb colorToRgba colorToHsl colorToHsla colorToCmyk

Specific functions by color format

Then there are more specific color format functions. You can also convert a Color to a redeable string format or a CSS string format. Go here to take a look at the complete API.

Other useful functions

  • name(color: Color): string: given a color (hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla, cmyk), it returns the name of that color. It works using a list of 18315 unique color names.

  • mix(colors: Color[], weights?: number[]): rgb: mix two or more colors based on their weights.

  • randomHex(): HEX: return a random hex.

🎉 What's new in 1.3.0

  • [add] add the following functions: colorToHex, color2rgba, rgbaToHex, cmykToRgba, cmykToHsla, hexToHsla, rgbToHsla, rgbaToHsla, hslToRgba, colorToCmyk, colorToHsl, hslToHsla, colorToHsla, hslaStringToObject, hexToRgb, hexToRgba, shortToLongHex
  • [add] add hsla color format
  • [add] test coverage > 97%
  • [add] add api page
  • [add] add a new logo
  • [change] set as deprecated the following functions: color2string, color2cssString, hex2rgbOrRgba, hex2rgba, hex2hexWithAlpha, hex2cmyk, hex2hsl, rgb2hex, rgb2cmyk, rgb2hsl, rgb2rgba, color2rgb, rgbString2Object, rgba2rgb, rgbaString2Object, cmyk2hex, cmyk2rgb, cmyk2hsl, cmykString2Object, hsl2hex, hsl2rgb, hsl2cmyk, hslString2Object, getRandomColor,
  • [change] rgb2rgba has optional alpha parameter
  • [change] ColorName type: is no more a string but an object with name, hex and rgb
  • [fix] #00000 is not a valid hex color

Go here to see the CHANGELOG.


MIT © Ilaria Venturini


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