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    a color parsing and manipulation lib served in roughly 2kB or less (2.8kB to be more precise)

    color2k is a color parsing and manipulation library with the objective of keeping the bundle size as small as possible while still satisfying all of your color manipulation needs in an sRGB space.

    The full bundle size is currently 2.8kB but gets as small as 2.1k with tree shaking.

    Size comparison

    lib size
    chroma-js 13.7kB
    polished 11.2kB
    color 7.6kB
    tinycolor2 5kB
    color2k 2.8kB 😎

    👋 Compare tree-shaken bundle outputs on


    Install with a package manager such as npm

    npm i color2k

    OR use with in supported environments (e.g. deno, modern browsers).

    import { darken, transparentize } from '';


    import { darken, transparentize } from 'color2k';
    // e.g.
    darken('blue', 0.1);
    transparentize('red', 0.5);

    How so small?

    There are two secrets that keep this lib especially small:

    1. Simplicity — only handles basic color manipulation functions
    2. Less branching in code — only support two color models as outputs, namely rgba and hsla

    Why only rgba and hsla as outputs?

    This lib was created with the use case of CSS-in-JS in mind. At the end of the day, all that matters is that the browser can understand the color string you gave it as a background-color.

    Because only those two color models are supported, we don't have to add code to deal with optional alpha channels or converting to non-browser supported color models (e.g. CMYK).

    We believe that this lib is sufficient for all of your color manipulation needs. If we're missing a feature, feel free to open an issue 😎.


    Heavy credits goes to polished.js and sass. Much of the implementation of this lib is copied from polished!

    API and Documentation

    Head over to the docs site


    npm i color2k

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