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Takes an array of colors and generates a table showing WCAG scores for all possible color combinations


npm install --save color-contrast-table-vue

The package generates a chart similar to this one

example chart


name type required notes
colors array yes see color-contrast-table
useStyles boolean no turn on default styles for chart
editNames boolean no activate input for color names, does not need to be passed if onNamesChange is provided
editValues boolean no activate input for color values, does not need to be passed if onValuesChange is provided
onNamesChange function no optional callback to be fired when color name inputs change, will be passed (colorIndex,
onValueChange function no optional callback to be fired when color value inputs change, will be passed (colorIndex,
onInputBlur function no optional callback to be fired on blur of any input, will be passed (event)


This packages uses my other color contrast helper and requires a prop of colors of the shape specified there - an array of color value strings, or an array of objects containing {name, value}.


useStyles prop can turn on my opinionated styles. They can be used, or not, but either way the table can be styled or overridden using BEM syntax CSS classes.

Live Editing

A prop of editNames or editValues can be passed to the <ColorContrastChart/> component to allow either the color name, color value, or both to be edited on the page. These will be stored in local state until the page is refreshed, contrast scores will update in real time.

If you wish to override the state local to the <ColorContrastChart/>, custom functions for onNamesChange and onValuesChange can be passed in via props with those same names. These functions can do whatever you want, ie - save a new value elsewhere in your app and update the array passed via the colors prop.

If you want to do something sparingly, like update an external database or something, you can pass a prop for onInputBlur which will fire an event whenever a user exits either type of input.


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