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Simple proof-of-concept application that can upload assets to Widen Media Collective using the node-collective client to the Media Collective REST API.

Getting Started

  • First, ensure you have set up proper OAuth credentials with Collective.

  • Second, set the proper environment variables based on the credentials you got from the previous step:

  • Third, you may want to edit the default node-collective options in the sources (e.g., protocol, port, and host -- auth is probably ok).
var collective_options = {
    protocol: 'http',
    port: 8080,
    host: 'localhost',
    # I have a simple service to get
    # auth token from a cookie in
    # the code already, so don't
    # change that.
  • Fourth, run the server:
npm run dev


npm run start -- <OPTIONS>

Where <OPTIONS> is the options needed to connect to your Collective instance. (optional -- defaults to local development url)

  • Fifth, open your browser: