Integrate the passport authentication framework into Collagen.js

Collagen.js Passport

This module allows the Collagen.js framework to use the Passport authentication framework for node.js.

To use, you will need to also install an authenticatin strategy, which can be found here:

The configuration for your authentication strategy should live in the collagen.json file and can be created as follows (the example uses the passport-oauth strategy):

"passport": {
    "oauth" : {
        "strategy": "OAuthStrategy",
        "verify": "OAuth",
        "requestTokenURL": "",
        "accessTokenURL": "",
        "userAuthorizationURL": "",
        "consumerKey": "CONSUMER KEY",
        "consumerSecret": "CONSUMER SECRET",
        "callbackURL": ""

The strategy property will be the class name used by the selected strategy. The verify property is used by Collagen to create the verify function, which dictates how the user profile object is created. It currently supports OAuth, but has sensible defaults in case other mechanisms are used (this can also be extended with your custom logic).

To login using this strategy, browse to http://localhost:3000/auth/oauth (or /auth/KEY, where KEY is your authentication strategy). Multiple authentication strategies are supported in the passport object inside collagen.json