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    A command-line tool to interact with multiple crypto-currencies exchanges. Buy, sell, find the best price, and check your exchange balances.






    Install it globally on your computer. npm install -g coinx

    Upgrade to the latest version

    Coinx is currently at version 0.10.0 You can upgrade with npm: npm update -g coinx

    Supported Exchanges

    Currently: Kraken, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Liqui, Bittrex.


    The tool uses your exchange API keys to make requests and queries. You'll have to get your API keys from each exchange manually, but then you can store it in the tool by using the config command.

    $ coinx config kraken
    ? Kraken API Key abcd
    ? Kraken API Secret efgh
    Saved data for Kraken

    Note: Your API Keys and Secrets are stored in your operating system home directory in a coinx directory as a JSON file.


    Use coinx update to update coinx with the latest list of coins from

    Coin Price

    Get the price of any crypto-currency by using the coin's symbol. Bitcoin is shown in US Dollars, all other coins are shown in BTC and in US Dollars.

    For example, to get the price of Bitcoin:

    $ coinx price btc
    Getting prices for BTC...
    Exchange Price in USD
    Liqui        $2419.87
    Bitfinex     $2429.68
    Poloniex     $2431.92
    Bittrex      $2442.46
    Kraken       $2454.00
    Average      $2435.59

    Or, to get the price of Etherium:

    $ coinx price eth
    Getting prices for Ethereum (ETH)...
    Exchange Price in BTC Price in USD
    Liqui      0.08789270      $208.30
    Poloniex   0.08809500      $208.78
    Kraken     0.08811500      $208.82
    Bitfinex   0.08821900      $209.07
    Bittrex    0.08840483      $209.51
    Average    0.08814531      $208.89

    Or, for Siacoin:

    $ coinx price sc
    Getting prices for Siacoin (SC)...
    Exchange Price in BTC Price in USD
    Bittrex    0.00000335        $0.01
    Poloniex   0.00000333        $0.01
    Average    0.00000334        $0.01

    Check Exchange Funds

    Check your balances on the exchanges.

    $ coinx funds
    Getting balances...
    Name             Symbol          Count Value USD
    Bitcoin          BTC        0.03227520    $76.51
    Siacoin          SC      2465.11765598    $19.46
    NEM              XEM      151.10258763    $18.43
    Dash             DASH       0.09817530    $16.94


    $ coinx funds --help
        -e, --exchange [name]  Get balances at the specified exchange.
        -a, --alphabetically   Sort the balance list alphabetically.
        -n, --numerically      Sort the balance list by the number of coins, descending.
        -c, --coin [symbol]    Only get balances for this coin.

    For example, to check balances only on Liqui:

    $ coinx funds -e poloniex
    Getting balances on Liqui...
    Name                  Symbol        Count Value USD
    Bitcoin               BTC      0.02564645    $30.77
    Ethereum              ETH      0.08706164    $18.04
    Augur                 REP      0.66674308    $13.59
    MobileGo              MGO     17.23038495    $13.33

    Or, to check how many BTC you have on all the exchanges:

    $ coinx funds -c btc
    Getting balances...
    Name    Symbol      Count Value USD
    Bitcoin BTC    0.00227520    $6.53
    Total                        $6.53
    Name    Symbol      Count Value USD
    Bitcoin BTC    0.00237879    $6.40
    Total                        $6.40
    Name    Symbol      Count Value USD
    Bitcoin BTC    0.00256464    $6.81
    Total                        $6.81

    Buy Coins

    Buy a coin by specifying, in US dollars, how much you want to spend. Note that BTC is what will actually be spent! You must have the necessary BTC available on the exchange for the purchase to go through.

    Coinx will automatically use the exchange with the best rate, unless you specify an exchange to use via the --exchange option.

    Before the purchase goes through, you'll be asked to confirm.

    For example, to buy $2 worth of AntShares at the best available price:

    $ coinx buy ans -$ 2
    Checking AntShares (ANS) on the markets...
    Best price found on Bittrex at $8.14
    *Note that the number of coins may change slightly if the market fluctuates*
    ? Buy about 0.24562982 worth of ANS? Yes
    Order complete!
    Bittrex order number xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxx
    Bought 0.2461696 ANS
    Worth about $2.00

    Or, to buy $2 worth of Ethereum on the Liqui exchange:

    $ coinx buy eth -e liqui -$ 2
    Checking Ethereum (ETH) on the markets...
    Best price found on Liqui at $278.70
    *Note that the number of coins may change slightly if the market fluctuates*
    ? Buy about 0.00717629 worth of ETH? Yes
    Order complete!
    Liqui order number 0
    Bought 0.00717629 ETH
    Worth about $2.00

    The results of all purchases are logged into {home folder}/coinx/log.csv.

    Sell Coins

    Coming soon.


    Encrypt the file that contains your API keys. Please choose a good password, and don't forget it. If you do forget it, you'll have to delete the coinx.json file in your {homedir}/coinx folder, and rerun coinx config for each exchange.

    coinx lock password

    After you lock your config, you will not be able to use coinx until you unlock it.


    Decrypt your API key file.

    coinx unlock password


    Actions are a way to automate steps in coinx.

    Buy all the Coins!

    Lets you buy the top crypto coins by market cap. Specify how much you want to spend per coin (-$), and how many coins you want to buy (-t, default is 50).

    You can exclude coins by putting their symbol into the exclude_coins.txt in the actions/buyallthecoins folder.

    $ coinx action buyallthecoins -$ 2 -t 50
    Buy all the coins!
    Spend per coin: $2
    Coins to buy: 50
    Maximum spend: $100 (assumes all coins available to buy)
    Will not buy:  BTC, USDT, BCC, VERI
    ? Proceed? Yes
    Getting latest Market Cap list...
    Got list...
    Skipping excluded coin Bitcoin.
    Buying Ethereum.
    Checking Ethereum (ETH) on the markets...
    Best price found on Bittrex at $228.64
    Buying 0.00874752 Ethereum on Bittrex
    Order complete!
    Bittrex order number e2fffabd-915b-4d13-bf37-af534cf82af8
    Bought 0.00874747 ETH at 0.08268905 BTC per coin
    Worth about $2.00
    Buying Ripple.
    Checking Ripple (XRP) on the markets...
    Best price found on Bittrex at $0.20


    npm i coinx

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