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Message signing for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies


Message signing for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

npm install --save coinmsg
var coinmsg  = require('coinmsg'),
    privkey = new Buffer('e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855', 'hex'),
    addr    = '1F3sAm6ZtwLAUnj7d38pGFxtP3RVEvtsbV',
    message = 'Hello, World!'
var sig = coinmsg.sign(privkey, message) // => Buffer 
coinmsg.verify(addr, sig, message) // => true 
// With other cryptocurrencies: 
var coinmsg = require('coinmsg')({
  coinname: 'DOGECOIN',
  curve: 'secp256k1', // optional, defaults to secp256k1 
  magicPrefix: '\x19Dogecoin Signed Message:\n'
// ... and use coinmsg as above 

Sign message with privkey and return the signature as a Buffer.

compressed defaults to true.

Verify that sig is valid signature for the message signed by address|pubkey.

sig can be provided as a Buffer or base64 string.

The first argument, address|pubkey, can either be an address provided as a String, or a public key provided as a Buffer.

Return a "BEGIN BITCOIN SIGNED MESSAGE ..." formatted message.

Returns an object with sign(), verify() and format() for the provided options.

curve is optional and defaults to secp256k1

$ git clone && cd coinmsg
$ npm install && npm test


Based on the bitcoinjs-lib implementation.