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    • nodejs versions 8.x to 12.x are supported
    • npm usually installed with nodejs
    • Linux (though macos does works and Windows kind of works)
    • xz (xz-utils apt package) to be able to download and extract updated Linux binaries
    • setcap (libcap2-bin) to be enable coinevonet to not need to run as root on Linux

    How to do a fresh service node install

    This will use npm to install the launcher

    sudo npm install -g coinevo-launcher

    This will create any needed directories and make sure everything has the proper permissions to run as a specified user such as snode in this example

    sudo coinevo-launcher set-perms snode

    Now make sure sure you running the following commands as the user specified or you may run into permission problems (EPERM).

    After it's installed, you can ask to prequalify your server to be a service node

    coinevo-launcher prequal

    you can also ask it to download the Coinevo binaries if you don't already have them

    coinevo-launcher download-binaries

    How to use without systemd

    coinevo-launcher start

    Running it once should start the suite of services into the background or give you a message why it can't

    Running coinevo-launcher client, will give you an interactive terminal to coinevod (the copy running from the current directory if you have multiple). exit will stop your service node. If you just want to exit the interactive terminal, please use ctrl-c.

    You can pass most command line parameters that you would give to coinevod to coinevo-launcher start

    You can make a launcher config file in /etc/coinevo-launcher/launcher.ini and change various settings, Check our wiki for details on options.

    How to keep the launcher up to date

    Update your launcher without systemd

    Stop your service node if it's running (you can use coinevo-launcher status to check)

    coinevo-launcher stop

    Update the launcher

    sudo npm install -g coinevo-launcher

    And be sure to make sure you restart your service node (if it's staked) by

    coinevo-launcher start

    Get the latest Coinevo software versions

    coinevo-launcher download-binaries

    And be sure to make sure you restart your service node (if it's staked) by

    coinevo-launcher start


    upgrading from coinevod 3.0.6 with systemd to use the launcher

    Popular linux distribution instructions to install NodeJS

    Ubuntu NodeJS installation:

    curl -sL | sudo bash -


    sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

    Software the launcher manages

    To get the required software you can run coinevo-launcher download-binaries and they will be placed in /opt/coinevo-launcher/bin


    You can download the coinevo binaries (faster) from each above page's release section


    You can build from source. Make sure you select the correct repos/branches/versions as not all versions will work with each other.

    And if you don't have the dependencies to build from source check out contrib/dependency_helper/


    For more indepth details, be sure to check out our weekly dev reports

    • 1.0.9
      • fix bug in port validation when upgrading from 5.x
    • 1.0.8*
      • include storage/network last failure in status
      • check for port conflicts
      • connect to client when stopping the launcher, so you can see what the blockchain is taking so long
      • fix-perms fix network data_dir permissions fix
      • fix network status
      • add ifname validation
      • add p2p/zmq bind-ip processing
      • change definition of start up success (require storage_rpc, storageServer, network)
      • fix ECONNREFUSED exception in client mode
      • fix setcap exceptions in checkConfig
      • prequal can't bind fix
      • set network.public_port even in pre 6.x
      • if cimode exit
      • fix git rev output parsing
      • various pre 6.x support fixes (only passing quorumnet-port in 6.x)
    • 1.0.7*
      • fix bug with qun_port not getting passed to coinevod
      • Fix trying to load port numbers from coinevo.conf
    • 1.0.6*
      • Don't commit to saying started unless coinevonet can be started
      • made sure network binary is set for fix-perms
      • prequal: inform that quorumnet is not a suggestion but required / grammar fixes
      • only show full status if launcher is running
      • adjust start up process for coinevo-storage DH and create warning accordingly
      • fix stop race condition message
      • turn off debugging in interactive mode
      • move coinevoKey from storage to blockchain
      • decrease port test failure timeout to 10s instead of 60s
      • fix VERSION detection race
      • fix duplicate socket server error logging
      • handle coinevonet EPERM condition better
      • various logging clean up
    • 1.0.5*
      • enable coinevonet
      • changed default storage server port from 23023 to 22021 (SO UPDATE YOUR FIREWALLS)
      • remove service-node-seed / keyPath from coinevonet
      • add seedMode to coinevonet
      • remove coinevonet solo-mode (without blockchain/storage)
      • bind storage server to
      • improve prequal
      • interactive mode improvements
      • require new port checks on startup
      • adjust coinevonet snode config to be more inline with debs
      • don't use github pre-releases at all
      • add coinevonet files to fix-perms
      • set data_dir for coinevonet
      • fix-perms handle no user passed and can't lookup user better
      • include (re)start time in status
      • download-binaries make architecture aware
      • make status check storage rpc port
      • check on storage server every hour and restart if rpc does not respond
      • timer adjustments/better cancelations for speed improvements
    • 1.0.4*
      • Add coinevod 6.x prequal tests
    • 1.0.3
      • disable 1.0.2 workaround
    • 1.0.2
      • add xenial workaround
    • 1.0.0
      • fix storage server pipe that would lock up storage server
      • make sure storage server is running before starting startup is successful
      • fix storage server stderr handler typo
      • SIGHUP guard fix
      • double check running pid
      • use SIGTERM instead of SIGINT to stop processes
      • handle socket write errors better
      • test socket for connectivity in status
      • clear stale pid and socket files
      • move uncaught exception log into var_path
    • 0.0.13
      • change storage server default port from 8080 to 23023
      • storage server/coinevonet start up now waits for blockchain rpc port to be open
      • fix linux pipe race condition (would say started but then launcher would die)
      • unhandle exception logger
      • add more retries on failure
      • don't check open storage server port twice
    • 0.0.12
      • 4.0 release changes
        • storage server open port check enforced on start
        • and actually updating the prequal to be 4.0 ready
      • 3.x detection for backwards compatibility
      • start now waits for rpc port to be open before saying it's a success
      • pass info if coinevod/storage server exit before it's declared started
      • stop launchers before certain modes
      • exited with warning if not root instead of throwing EPERMs
      • fixes coinevo.conf file parsing
      • interactive mode bug
      • update's URL
    • 0.0.11 - removes coinevod key search requirement for non-testnet
    • 0.0.10* - fixes 3.0.7 release breaking testnet
    • 0.0.9* - fixes missing INI library (issue #34)
    • 0.0.8* - upgrade testnet to support 4.x binaries and enables storage server in testnet
    • 0.0.7 - initial public release (compatible with 3.0.x coinevod versions)

    [1] deprecated and not longer available because they were not found to be functioning as expected


    npm i coinevo-launcher

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