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Coindust is a command-line bitcoin wallet and utility.

Coindust performs common bitcoin operations where key storage is local (see Safety section below) and interacting with the bitcoin blockchain is done through public Bitcoin APIs.

In the early days of bitcoin (2013) it was common to host a full node. Today(2015) the requirements of running a full node and high - many hours of initial syncing and 10s of gigabytes of disk. Cell phone cryptocoin apps have shown keeping private keys local and using public APIs can be a great way to use Bitcoin.


$ npm install -g coindust


  • Add a new bitcoin address and private key to the wallet using an optional account name.
$ coindust new comic books
 pub: 1FsS76LHrh8Fq4ee5NP9Df3e2vqf3nzmDj
priv: L3YfxDBDrYAXL7U7eFWaxTejheCG3Cf7MKGRjUjXRgEZDF5h3c4X
name: "comic books"
  • Query the balances of addresses in the wallet [1]
$ coindust balance
gathering balances for 2 keys
1AVrK8LZeKxvnrT3AiyZ3uvceYTdNyNELf 0.03000000 BTC
1FsS76LHrh8Fq4ee5NP9Df3e2vqf3nzmDj 0.00000000 BTC "comic books"
Total: 0.03000 BTC

  • Query the balance of a single bitcoin address [1]
$ coindust 1AVrK8LZeKxvnrT3AiyZ3uvceYTdNyNELf
gathering balances for 1 keys
1AVrK8LZeKxvnrT3AiyZ3uvceYTdNyNELf 0.00000000 BTC
Total: 0 BTC
  • Build a transaction between two bitcoin addresses [2]

Note: this builds the transaction and displays it in hex form. It does not submit the transaction.

$ coindust tx --in 1Q182Kx8y7gkXvvEod8nwt5gDDa86Dr2tv --out 1MXEaXamNSLUXQKWZu8fSz241Zginvoj1m --amount 0.0008
coindust v0.4.0
using 21co recommended fee rate of 220 satoshis/byte
 input: 1Q182Kx8y7gkXvvEod8nwt5gDDa86Dr2tv 0.00082210btc (1 of 3 unspents)
        1Q182Kx8y7gkXvvEod8nwt5gDDa86Dr2tv 0.04813173btc (2 of 3 unspents)
output: 1MXEaXamNSLUXQKWZu8fSz241Zginvoj1m 0.00080000btc
        1Q182Kx8y7gkXvvEod8nwt5gDDa86Dr2tv 0.04733323btc (change)
fee total:                                 0.00082060btc
  tx size:                               372 bytes
 fee rate:                               221 satoshis/byte
Hex encoded transaction:

The hex form of the transaction can be pasted it into a blockchain service which will submit the transaction into the bitcoin network. Decode and inspect the transaction to verify its correctness. [4]

[1] Uses to get a balance from a bitcoin address.

[2] Uses to discover the 'unspent outputs' of the 'in' address.

[3] Uses for a recommened fee rate

[4] for example

  • Use tx --sweep to empty the address (sets amount to address total after fee)
$ coindust tx --in 1Q182Kx8y7gkXvvEod8nwt5gDDa86Dr2tv --out 1MXEaXamNSLUXQKWZu8fSz241Zginvoj1m --sweep


Bitcoin addresses and private keys are kept unencrypted in ~/.config/coindust/wallet.json. Protect this file with your own mechanism for encryption and backups.

Building transactions with this tool is not exhaustively tested. Use only small amounts. NO WARRANTY. USE AT OWN RISK.

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