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    Welcome to the Cohere AI Node.js SDK.

    This package provides functionality developed to simplify interfacing with the natural language API. This SDK provides support for both TypeScript and JavaScript Node.js projects. For a full description of the API please visit the Cohere Docs.


    Install the package as a dependency.

    npm install cohere-ai


    Import the library to your node.js project.

    const cohere = require('cohere-ai');

    Initialize the library.


    Call the endpoint function you'd like to hit to interact with the Cohere API.

    cohere.generate('MODEL_NAME', config);


    For a full breakdown of endpoints and their config objects please consult the Cohere Docs.

    Cohere Endpoint Function
    /generate cohere.generate()
    /similarity cohere.similarity()
    /choose-best cohere.chooseBest()
    /embed cohere.embed()
    /likelihood cohere.likelihood()


    To view an up to date list of available models please consult the Cohere CLI. To get started try out baseline-shrimp or baseline-seal.


    All of the endpoint functions will return a response structure. For a detailed breakdown of the response body visit the Cohere Docs.

      statusCode: STATUS,
      body: RESPONSE_OBJ

    Code Examples:

    (async () => {
      // Hit the `generate` endpoint on the `baseline-shrimp` model
      const generateResponse = await cohere.generate("baseline-shrimp", {
        prompt: "Once upon a time in a magical land called",
        max_tokens: 50,
        temperature: 1
        statusCode: 200,
        body: {
          text: "Eldorado, the anointed monarchs of the ancient world and the ruling family were divided into three kingdoms, each of which was ruled by an individual leader."
      // Hit the `similarity` endpoint on the `baseline-shark` model
      const similarityResponse = await cohere.similarity("baseline-seal", {
        anchor: "Hello! How are you?",
        targets: [
          "Hey, how's it going?",
          "Talk to you later",
          "Avast ye scallywags!",
          "I am the king of France!"
        statusCode: 200,
        body: {
          similarities: [ 0.55396456, 0.211992, 0.1795376, 0.022282645 ]

    Example error response:

    // error response from cohere.generate() where api key was not previously provided.
      statusCode: 403,
      body: {
        message: "Whoops! You need to provide an API key before making requests. Try cohere.init(YOUR_KEY)."

    TypeScript support

    Import the package as a class.

    import cohere = require('cohere-ai')

    Require the cohere package as usual, and the ./index.d.ts file will be imported by typescript automatically.

    Local development instructions

    To tinker with the package library itself, please check the development instructions readme.


    npm i cohere-ai

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