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    Coggle OPML Importer

    What is it?

    Coggle OPML importer is a node.js demo application for the Coggle API that imports OPML outline markup files into Coggle.

    The user is authenticated to the Coggle API using OAuth. The passport-coggle-oauth2 module is used to authorize users, and retrieve an access token that can be sent along with requests to prove that the application is allowed create Coggles for the logged-in user.

    Try It Here!

    Get the Code!

    First install node.js, then:

    git clone
    cd coggle-opml-importer
    npm install

    Running Coggle OPML Importer

    To use the Coggle API you need a Client ID, and a Client Secret – which Coggle uses to identify requests to the applications that made them.

    A new Client ID and Client Secret can be created at The redirect URL should be the domain (and optionally port) where you will host the application (for example, localhost or localhost:5000 for testing) followed by /auth/coggle/callback, which is the Coggle oauth authentication callback route of the app.

    This ID and secret pair needs to be provided as environment variables when you run the app. If they are missing the app will refuse to start.

    COGGLE_CLIENT_ID=aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa \
    COGGLE_CLIENT_SECRET=bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb \
    npm devstart


    The MIT License



    npm i coggle-opml-importer

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