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helps combine multiple (coffee|java)script files into a single file


Helps package coffeescript files into a single file for evaluation to js.

Coffeepress uses synchronous fs calls, as this is mainly used as a utility before
an app is loaded, and therefore the performance of async calls shouldn't really matter.

new Coffeepress([options]).run(callback);

The options hash takes several parameters:

var Coffeepress = require('coffeepress');

new Coffeepress({
  filename : './lib/'
}).run(function(err, data){
  if (err) throw err
  fs.writeFile('./public/javascripts/', data, 'UTF-8', function() {
    fs.writeFile('./public/javascripts/formloader.js', coffee.compile(data), 'UTF-8', function() {

The following functions are available for use within the templates processed by coffeepress