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coffenode-suspend is a fork of jmar777's suspend, which describes itself as a "small, experimental library for Node that uses ES6 language features to simplify asynchronous code interactions." All of which should be true for this version of suspend, too. See what's different:

  • coffenode-suspend is re-written in CoffeeScript;
  • it works with callback-accepting synchronous functions;
  • this means using suspend (or step) will make your code asynchronous in case it wasn't already.
  • coffenode-suspend will throw errors in the generator by default (instead of returning them);
  • it will send only a single value (not a list with a single value) to the generator if the function calling back did so with a single argument (otherwise no change);
  • it offers utility functions for your asynchronous chores (available as suspend.step, suspend.after, and suspend.eventually).


Head over to the CoffyScript Readme to see some examples of suspense in action.