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coffeelint-use-strict NPM version

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CoffeeLint rule that enforces usage of strict mode.



First, install coffeelint-use-strict globally:

npm install -g coffeelint-use-strict

Then, add a "use_strict" key with value {"module": "coffeelint-use-strict"} to your coffeelint.json, e.g.

    "use_strict": {
        "module": "coffeelint-use-strict",
        "level": "error",
        "allowGlobal": false,
        "requireGlobal": false

The coffeelint cli will then load this rule automatically. See the documentation for other ways to make use of custom rules.



Type: String Default: 'error'

The severity level of the violated rule. level must be one of 'ignore', 'warn', or 'error'.


Type: Boolean Default: true

Allow the 'use strict' statement to be at the top of a file.


Type: Boolean Default: false

Require the 'use strict' statement to be at the top of a file.


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using gulp and npm-test. Plus, make sure to adhere to these commit message conventions.


If you wanna use gulp and the tasks in, please run npm i gulp manually. gulp is not included as a devDependency, since it cannot be installed on node v0.8 and we want to be able to install and test this package on TravisCI on node v0.8.


MIT License © Jan Raasch