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CoffeeBreak is an extensive testrunner UI for javascript unit tests using mocha. Runs backend tests for node.js and frontend tests as well.


npm install -g coffeebreak

Use it

$ coffeebreak [options]

Command line options

-h, --help                output usage information
-V, --version             output the version number
-d, --dev                 Run in debug mode
-q, --logRequests         Log requests and response
-p, --port <port>         Set server port
-c, --coverage            Enable code coverage
-r , --project <project>  Run only <project>
-i , --diff <match>       Test title must match <match>

Project configuration

A CoffeeBreak project is a folder with a coffeebreak.json file This file tells CoffeeBreak where all your files and test are stored.

Create a coffeebreak.json file in your project root.

    "project": "Project Name",
    "browser": true,
    "files": ["src/**/*.js"],
    "tests": ["tests/**/*.spec.js"]


project - Sets a test project name. browser - Tells the testrunner that Javascript tests should be handeled as frontend tests. files - Path to required source files tests - Path to your spec files watch - Watch this files for changes. If this property isn't set, all files from the files and `tests' properties are watched for changes