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You can make much more with CoffeeScript classes.

npm install coffee_classkit
classkit = require 'coffee_classkit'
class Child extends Parent
  classkit.extendsWithProto @
# ### 
class Mixin extends classkit.Module
  @includedBlock: ->
    # will run in context of base class 
    @instanceVariable 'test'
  class @ClassMethods
    someClassMethod: ->
  someInstanceMethod: ->
class Base extends classkit.Module
  @extendsWithProto().include Mixin
(new Base).someInstanceMethod()


class ... extends ... is implemented in coffee with

for key of parent
  child[key= parent[key]  if

It makes inheritance sticky.

  • If you modify parent's property it would not be modified in child.
  • Properties defined with Object.defineProperty would not be inherited.
  • ...


Use prototype chain for inheritance of class methods.

With classkit.extendsWithProp @ default inheritance is redefined using child.__proto__ = parent.

Ensure that you call this method before any class properties declarations, 'cause it'll drop'em all.

Once you use extendsWithProto you should use it on all descendents.


  • It doesn't break into global namespace.
  • Works on a top of usual coffee-script class declaration.
  • Classes use prototypes chain.
  • Full callbacks stack of Ruby-like inheritance model (included, append_features, extend_object, etc).
  • Helpers to define ruby-like instance & class variables.
  • ActiveSupport::Concern-like behaviour is optional.
  • It works only 'cause of __proto__. Some say it's deprecated :)

More examples

See source, tests & costa.