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CoffeeScript Nightly

npm install --save coffee-script-nightly

Changes from jashkenas/master

  • Power operator **, true mathematical modulo %%, integer division // from #2887
    • removes // as empty regexp
  • Generators via --> and ==>, yield support, yield from as JS yield* from #3316
  • Expansion in array destructuring [.., last] = array from #3268

Changes from 1.6.3

  • require('coffee-script') doesn't auto register CoffeeScript file extensions, instead use require 'coffee-script/register'. Same goes for Mocha or gulp.
  • updated source maps syntax
  • chaining syntax
      .css activeCss 'p'
  • multiline literal strings
    "Will be
     joined by a space."


CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript.

Install Node.js, and then the CoffeeScript compiler: sudo bin/cake install

Or, if you have the Node Package Manager installed: npm install -g coffee-script (Leave off the -g if you don't wish to install globally.)

Execute a script: coffee /path/to/

Compile a script: coffee -c /path/to/

For documentation, usage, and examples, see:

To suggest a feature, report a bug, or general discussion:

If you'd like to chat, drop by #coffeescript on Freenode IRC, or on

The source repository: git://

Top 100 contributors are listed here: