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At the moment the coffee-script node.js module lacks proper support for stack-traces when compile coffeescript files. This module adds the correct line and column indication in stack-traces for coffee-script modules loaded with require() or parsed using the coffeem command (which replaces coffee command).

to install :

npm install coffee-script-mapped

to run as a command line you can call coffeem (which works exactly as the coffee command, except it'll have proper stacktraces)


  • the "coffee-script-mapped" module exports the coffee-script module, so you can use it wherever you used the coffee-script module
  • this module does not provide the "coffee-script" module, you need to provide it on you own (this is so that any version can be used)
  • this module caches sourcemaps for all coffee-scripts, so it might create some overhead.
  • you can pass --no-source-maps to the node or coffeem commands to disable this module (which will revert to the standard coffee-script module)

License MIT: