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Compile CoffeeScript files with inline source maps



Compile CoffeeScript files with inline source maps.

  • Error reporting similar to the original CoffeeScript compiler.
  • .litcoffee support.
$ cat
$ coffee-inline-map | fold -w72
syscmd([../../../bin/coffee-inline-map | fold -w72])
$ coffee-inline-map -h
syscmd([../../../bin/coffee-inline-map -h])
# npm install -g coffee-inline-map
$ make compile

To verify the text below you'll need to clone this repo, run 'make compile' & install [make-commonjs-depend].

Look into repo's test/data directory. Ignore *.should files. I'll wait.


$ cd src
$ ls *coffee
syscmd([ls *coffee])

Here depends on & b.litcoffee. For out site we need just 1 public/bundle.js file which will include the result form the compilations of our all CoffeeScript files.

We want to rebuild public/bundle.js only & only on .coffee files change. That's obviously a job for make.

$ cat Makefile

To create a dependency tree, we run

$ make depend
syscmd([make depend | egrep -v '(Entering|Leaving) directory'])
$ cat

It's unfortunate that make-commonjs-depend supports only javascript. That's why before running it, make needs to compile all coffescript files.

Then compile the bundle

$ make compile
syscmd([make compile | egrep -v '(Entering|Leaving) directory'])

As a little homework, try to guess why main.js was recompiled here, when at first glance it should rather not.

Run again

$ make compile
syscmd([make compile | egrep -v '(Entering|Leaving) directory'])

Notice that the nothing was recompiled for the 2nd time. That's our goal!

$ touch
$ make compile
syscmd([touch; make compile | egrep -v '(Entering|Leaving) directory'])

Yay! Then open public/index.html in Chrome and switch to the console view. (Make sure to turn on 'Enable source maps' in Developer Tool's settings.)

Every dependency & every file should be compiled/processed only once.

This seems meaningless for a bunch of small .coffee files but becomes very useful for large projects with several complex browserify output targets.

  1. browserify can't (& shouldn't) check changes in our source files to decide whether it's time to recompile.
  2. Error reporting.


Take a walk for 10 minutes & no one will get hurt.

  • Reading from stdin doesn't work in Windows.
  • CoffeeScript 1.10.0.
  • CoffeeScript 1.8.0.
  • CoffeeScript 1.7.1
  • 'New' source map syntax.
  • -b CLO.
  • Include 'generated by ...' header.
  • Update for CoffeeScript 1.6.3.
  • Recognize extension.
  • -l CLO.
  • Add reading from stdin.
  • Fix an unheplful crash for EPIPE error.