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game engine - thin layer over three.js in coffeescript


A collection of pre-bundled libraries and a basic game architecture to jump start your development.

  • 3d engine ~ thin layer over three.js in coffeescript
  • 2d engine (WIP)
  • server ~ using
    • tick rate
    • example for:
      • client side prediction
      • server reconciliation
      • entity interpolication
  • tools
    • model-viewer
    • particle-playground
    • terrain-generator
    • bezier-editor
    • shader-editor
    • game-maker
  • examples

To get started with the 3D engine, read the docs. They are automatically generated after npm install in the doc folder.

You can also find more information in

The 3D engine uses:

  • Tween.js
  • Three.js
  • ThreeX
  • Water Material
  • ShaderParticleEngine
  • Stats.js
npm start

A nw.js desktop app which allows you to:

  • create games
  • view models and animations from json models exported for three.js
  • play with particles
  • visualize heightmap terrains
  • use a shader editor
  • overlay assets
  • draw curved lines

The models I am using are created in blender and exported with the official three.js blender plugin.

All examples are in the example/ folder.

grunt dev
grunt doc
grunt build # compiles files for release
./release.rb # requires ruby