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CoffeeBox is a lightweight blog engine designed for fashionable developers. It's built upon Node.js, Express, MongoDB and CoffeeScript.

You may check out for a demo page. Note that this project is still in heavy construction; lots of functionalities are to be implemented. If you are interested in this project, then a pull request or a issue ticket will always be appreciated.


  • Markdown is your best friend on easy formatting.
  • Every developer loves syntax highlighting.
  • Previews on posts and comments rest the minds of you and your visitors.
  • Login with OpenID, leave the dirty work to the professionals.
  • Embrace HTML5, embrace the future.
  • Ajax contributes a lot to smooth interaction.
  • Wow, Node.js is lightning fast!
  • Asset pipeline should be a standard component.
  • CoffeeScript === Javascript, The Good Parts.

Getting Started

You may first need to install Node.js, npm, MongoDB, python2 and pygments, and make sure that MongoDB is running.

Then clone this project and install the dependecies.

git clone
cd coffee-box
npm install

The site configuration file is config/site.json, modify it to meet your need and then start the server.

NODE_ENV=production node index.js

Now navigate your browser to localhost:3000, you should see CoffeeBox up and running.

That's it, enjoy!