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An utility to generate JSON file from a coffee-script as well as yaml.


$ npm install -g coffee-bean


$ bean [-s file.bean||file.yml|file.yaml]
# file.json will be generated


Writing JSON files manually is tedious and error prone

  • Forgetting to add commas between items
  • Adding commas to the last item of an error or an object
  • Forgetting to quote the keys
  • Cannot add comments

Coffeescript's object notation is much cleaner by comparison.

A bean file is basically a coffeescript file that returns a JSON object. The object will then be formatted according to JSON rules. You can perform any legal coffeescript logic as long as the end result is a JSON object.

This is best used for managing configuration files, such as package.json. Just take a look at this module's package.bean for inspiration.

YAML is also now supported.


Released under MIT License.