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Deploy a single javascript file to codesandbox as a react entry point, bundling up other files you need, as well as the relevant dependencies, using codesandboxer's default package under the hood to bundle files.


$ yarn global add codesandboxer-fs


$ npm i -g codesandboxer-fs

Base Usage

$ codesandboxer some/file/path.js

This will take this file, upload it and its dependent files to codesandbox, and assume that the file passed in is a renderable react component. It will also bundle any needed dependencies from your package.json

The response will look something like

  "sandboxId": "481nzy3v84",
  "sandboxUrl": ""

which will be printed to your console.

codesandboxer-fs uses the context of the package the target file is from, bases its available npm dependencies on that file's package.json, and will not include files imported from places outside this scope.

If you point at a file with an extension that is not '.js', that file type will be loaded using our '.js' logic. This is to allow extensions such as '.jsx'.


  • --dry -d - this flag bundles the files, and prints them to the console, as well as the list of files to be sent to codesandbox.

  • --name -n - this flag names the created sandbox, making the base link more informative when shared.

  • allowedExtensions - this flag provides additional extensions that will be accepted. Note that the extension type of your target file is automatically added. The format is .jsx,.ts, a comma separated list of file types.

  • --template -t - a string of what template to use in sending files to codesandbox. Current officially supported templates are react and react-typescript.

Why use this instead of the codesandbox cli?

The codesandbox CLI is intended to upload an entire create-react-app project, and as such is not designed to cherry-pick a file. Codesandboxer's goal is fundamentally different, in that it wants to focus on a single component, such as an example. Codesandboxer is going to be more useful if you want to share proposed changes to a component within an existing project with someone, while codesandbox will be better for uploading and looking at an entire website.




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