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node-coderwall - coderwall localizer for express/connect over https

node-coderwall creates local copies of the coderwall icons / css and html for more secure badge displaying over https connections.

  • Author: Aaron Bieber


* Not published yet!
npm install coderwall


var coderwall = require( 'coderwall' );
var express = require( 'express' );
var app = express.createServer();

var cw = new coderwall( {
	user: 'qbit',
	orientation: 'vertical', // default is vertical
	images: __dirname + '/images', // local path to where images should be saved
	url: '/coderwall' // static for now


cw.connect( app );


<%- cw.coderwall_element %>


.get(): Gets json and images for a specific user

.connect(): Takes an express/connect object and creates the appropriate request handlers


cw.coder_element: the "section" element for badge displaying.

cw.coder_css: the coderwall css file.

cw.coder_js: the coderwall js file.