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CodeFlask: A micro code-editor for awesome web pages.


You can install CodeFlask via npm:

npm install codeflask

Or use it directly in browser via cdn service:


import CodeFlask from 'codeflask';
const flask = new CodeFlask('#my-selector', { language: 'js' });

Listening for changes in editor

flask.onUpdate((code) => {
  // do something with code here.
  // this will trigger whenever the code
  // in the editor changes.

Updating the editor programatically

// This will also trigger .onUpdate()
flask.updateCode('const my_new_code_here = "Blabla"');

Getting the current code from editor

const code = flask.getCode();

Enabling line numbers

import CodeFlask from 'codeflask';
const flask = new CodeFlask('#my-selector', {
  language: 'js',
  lineNumbers: true

Enabling rtl (right to left writing)

import CodeFlask from 'codeflask';
const flask = new CodeFlask('#my-selector', {
  language: 'js',
  rtl: true

Enabling read only mode

import CodeFlask from 'codeflask';
const flask = new CodeFlask('#my-selector', {
  language: 'js',
  readonly: true

Adding other languages support:

flask.addLanguage('ruby', options)

This API is simply a proxy to add a new language to Prism itself (the code highlighter). The options parameter must be the same accepted in Prism. You can read more about it here.

By default, CodeFlask supports the following languages (which are also the default supported in Prism):

  • Markup (HTML/XML);
  • CSS;
  • C-like;
  • JavaScript;

Adding your own theme to CodeFlask

By default, CodeFlask comes with a simple theme made from scratch called CodeNoon.

You can easily override this theme with your own by writting your own CSS and adding it to your project. If that's the case, you should also disable CodeNoon with the defaultTheme option:

import CodeFlask from 'codeflask';
const flask = new CodeFlask('#my-selector', {
  language: 'js',
  defaultTheme: false

Credits & Thanks

CodeFlask.js was made possible by awesome open-source projects such as Prism.js and Rollup.

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